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The English Language Learners' Caucus is an advocacy group for ELL students and their families, as well as the educators who work with them, within the National Education Association.

This site is a meeting place that provides members of the NEA ELL Caucus with discussion forums, file storage, a shared calendar, member profiles, photo galleries, and more.

If you're a member of the NEA and you have any interest in shaping the future of our students, public policy, NEA policy, or simply supporting each other through professional development, or how to advocate for policy/curricula/teaching/best practices which impact English Language Learn ers .....then this is the venue for you!  

We encourage you to upload your photo, complete your profile and participate!



Education Week ELL NEWS FEEDS: Education Week: English Language Learners (20)



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Membership Dues Payment Options

Have you paid your dues lately?  What are my membership options?  How can I support the ELL Caucus?

Membership Options
Annual Meeting / Full Voting Member Partial Year / Full Voting Member Student / Full Voting Member Associate / Non-voting Member

For those who are delegates, guests, or staff at the NEA's Annual Meeting, there are two options to support the caucus and have full voting rights: Full Membership = $20 or Student Membership = $10.

For those who simply wish to support the caucus and stay in touch but don't need voting priviliges, there is one option: Associate Membership = $15.

For those who wish to be Full Voting Members but are not able to participate at the Annual Meeting (including elections and other decisions ONLY able to be voted upon by members in attendance at the Annual Meeting), there is an additional option: Partial Year Membership = $15.

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